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We look forward to assist you with your Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold (Brrrr) or property refinance application and appreciate the opportunity. Our objective is to provide you the information you are seek as quickly as possible and provide you with a same day pre-approval.

While there are many factors that determine the rate and terms offered on each specific deal,  it all starts with gathering as much information as possible on both you the investor as well as the subject property.

All required fields are indicated by ‘ * ‘. If there is a required field that does not apply to you, simply enter “NA”. For any dollar amounts that do not apply, enter “0”. If you missed a field that is required when you click the “Get Quote” button at the bottom, simply scroll up and look for the missed question in red.

While we do not ask for any overly sensitive information, you can rest assured that everything you provide is safe and secure and treated as confidential, including any documents you upload, if any. If you have any questions, or have any issues with this form, please reach out to the representative that referred you.